About the fees

Congress fees

All attendees, including speakers, presenters, panelists and those chairing or attending a session, must pay the Congress fee. The revenue collected from the Congress fees supports the long term development of Congress and to keep the annual meeting format viable by ensuring that infrastructure and services are in place from year to year. The following are some of the activities covered:

  • Managing the registration process
  • Planning and coordinating logistical services for attendees
  • Supporting the associations through the planning process
  • Administering funding support to associations
  • Managing and coordinating the Congress Expo and general programming
  • Promoting Congress and association activities

Association conference fees

Attendees participating at an association’s conference must also pay the association conference fees, which are set specifically by the associations and are collected by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences on their behalf. All of the funds collected from these conference fees are given directly to the associations. Generally, the associations use these funds to cover the cost of planning and holding their conferences at Congress.

Association membership fees

Membership fees are paid directly to your association and are not collected at Congress. Contact your association directly concerning your membership fees, or for information on your membership status.

Big Thinking lecture series

The Big Thinking lecture series is made possible by the generous support of the host university and our sponsors.

President’s Receptions

The President’s Receptions are made possible by the generous support of the host university and local sponsors.


Non-registered conference attendees cause a significant loss of revenue and can result in increases in registration fees overall. By not paying, they withhold much-needed support from their own associations while penalizing their paying colleagues.