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Sochi and beyond: Russia's anti-gay legislation, human rights and the practice of history



Sunday, May 25, 2014, 20:00 - 21:30


South Block - 215

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Russia's so-termed anti-gay propaganda law, passed in 2013 by the Russian parliament, raises an array of issues relating to the status and rights of LGBT people in Russia, the lack of specific protections in the Olympic Charter relating to sexual orientation, and expected negative impacts of this law on scholarship in history, the humanities and social sciences. This roundtable considers the historical background to Russia's anti-gay law and its justifications in ""traditional values,"" the status of LGBT human rights in the context of the Olympic movement, the particular challenges confronting researchers of LGBT history in Russia in light of Canadian experience, and the position of the Canadian Historical Association on the Russian law in terms of its core mandate and practice of defending the human rights of historians.

Panelists: Erica Fraser, Michael Dawson, Lyle Dick, and CHA President Dominique Marshall. Chaired by Yves Frenette.